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It’s so lonely when you’re really ridiculously good looking. 


Whenever one of these ‘Arthur Award’ photos shows up online - Tim is always pulling the most utterly perfect and gloriously idiotic face he can muster.

It gives. Me. FEELINGZ.


"Hello. My name’s Tim Curry. Look at my pretty twinkly sparkly eyes and my nice face. My bottom lip always sort of looks like I’ve been making out with someone for the past 3 hours. My hair is pretty effortlessly fabulous. Yes, I know you would like to touch it. The beard is perfect, isn’t it? I’m not so good at tying ties. But I try. My teeth are very white. Would you like a biscuit?" 


'What was your favourite TV show growing up?' 

And they wonder why people think they’re an old married couple?


I ADORE this. 

(via damntimcurrywhyyousodistracting)